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We only apply top-of-the-line commercial grade lawn products to ensure your lawn looks great!

Spring Starter Fertilizer (Commercial Grade)

Our commercial-grade, spring starter fertilizer provides all the essential nutrients to start the spring growing process.

Our spring fertilizer is always "FREE" with any of our extensive lawn aeration packages. Most other lawn services charge for this service and apply an inexpensive, (Home Depot or Lowe's) brand of fertilizer. 
($55.00 - $85.00 Value)
Soil Conditioning Treatment
(Commercial Grade)
Our commercial-grade soil conditioning treatment softens and loosens the soil allowing fertilizer, water, and all other important nutrients, to soak in at a much faster pace.

Our soil conditioning treatment is always "FREE" with any of our extensive lawn aeration packages. Most other lawn service companies charge for this service and apply an inexpensive (Home Depot or Lowe's) soil conditioning product such as "Revive".
($55.00 - $85.00 Value)

Heavy Overseeding (Commercial Grade)

Kentucky Bluegrass is the #1 grass of choice throughout Colorado. Many homeowners believe that all brands of Kentucky Bluegrass look and grow the same. There are actually over 200 different varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass and when it comes to overseeding,
you get what you pay for!

Our Kentucky Bluegrass seed is a commercial grade, top-of-the-line blend, commonly applied to parks, commercial properties, and golf courses. Our seed type is durable, drought-tolerant, easy to maintain and designed to last. Our Kentucky Bluegrass seed type will fill in the thinning areas and keep your lawn looking great, year after year!
"Pro-Feed" (Annual)

Commercial Grade Fertilizer ​​
​(Contractors Choice)

"1" application feeds your lawn for the entire year!
"Pro-Feed" spring fertilizer is a state-of-the-art, commercial-grade fertilizer. "Pro-Feed" fertilizer is applied "1" time per year during the spring and slowly feeds your lawn the entire (6-7 months) of spring, summer, and fall.

"Pro-Feed" fertilizer eliminates the guesswork of which store brand fertilizers to buy, as well as eliminating lawn care companies who charge $55.00-$75.00 per application, 4-6 times per year! 

 "Pro-Feed" fertilizer will keep your lawn greener, healthier, and is safe for children and pets! 

Our "Pro-Feed" fertilizer is the simple answer! Fertilize your lawn once in the spring and that's it. Then just water, mow, and enjoy!

​​Water Crystals
(Professional Strength)
Professional strength water crystals soak up excess sprinkler runoff like a sponge and will slowly release this water back to the soil between your watering days. This process repeats itself throughout the spring, summer, and fall acting as an underground reservoir for the root system.
Watering your lawn 1-2 times per week is equivalent to watering your lawn 4-5 times per week after our professional strength water crystals have been applied.

Professional strength water crystals will save you an average of ($250.00 - $400.00) per year off outdoor watering expenses in addition to saving water and contributing to our resources. Our professional strength water crystals are non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and safe for children and pets!

Weed & Feed Fertilizer
(Commercial Grade)
Our commercial-grade weed & feed fertilizer prevents weeds before they begin to grow! Our weed & feed fertilizer destroys weeds such as dandelions, thistle, and other broadleaf weeds while fertilizing the lawn simultaneously. Our commercial-grade weed & feed is most beneficial when applied immediately after lawn aeration has been performed as it will be able to soak into the soil at a much quicker rate before the weeds begin to spread.
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