Beautiful modern stone home with a beautiful green healthy lawn utilizing our lawn aeration packages

We only apply commercial grade lawn products to ensure your lawn always looks great!

Winter Fertilizer (Commercial Grade)

Our commercial-grade, winterizing fertilizer provides all the essential nutrients to feed the lawn during the cold and dry winter months.

Our winterizing fertilizer is always "FREE" with any of our extensive lawn aeration packages. Most other lawn services charge for this service and apply an inexpensive, (Home Depot or Lowe's) brand of fertilizer. 
($55.00 - $65.00 Value)
Soil Conditioning Treatment (Commercial Grade)
Our commercial-grade soil conditioning treatment softens and loosens the soil allowing fertilizer, water, and all other important nutrients, to soak in at a much faster pace.

Our soil conditioning treatment is always "FREE" with any of our extensive lawn aeration packages. Most other lawn service companies charge for this service and apply an inexpensive (Home Depot or Lowe's) soil conditioning products such as "Revive" or similar products.
($55.00 - $75.00 Value)
"Pro-Feed" (6-7 months)
Commercial Grade Winter Fertilizer ​​
​(Homeowners Choice)
"1" application feeds your lawn until the following spring season!
"Pro-Feed" winterizing fertilizer is a state-of-the-art, commercial-grade fertilizer. "Pro-Feed" fertilizer is applied "1" time during the fall season and slowly feeds your lawn throughout
  the cold winter months, until the following spring season arrives.

"Pro-Feed" winter fertilizer is an excellent choice and preferred by most homeowners!
​​Water Crystals
(Commercial Grade)
​Professional strength water crystals soak up melting snow like a sponge, then release this water back to the soil. This process repeats itself over and over throughout the winter, replacing the time and energy of having to hand-water your lawn. 

  Professional strength water crystals are non-toxic, Eco-friendly, safe for children and pets, and will green-up your lawn much quicker the following spring!
Weed & Feed Fertilizer
(Commercial Grade)
  ​Our commercial-grade weed & feed fertilizer prevents weeds before they begin to grow and feeds the soil simultaneously! Weed & feed fertilizer destroys weeds such as dandelions, thistle, and other broadleaf weeds while fertilizing the lawn simultaneously. Weed & feed is most beneficial when applied immediately after lawn aeration (Spring and Fall), as it works much better during the non-growing season.   
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