What to do when the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

The weather in Colorado is very unpredictable. We've seen clear sky's, rain, hail, snow, and back to clear sky's, all within an hour's time frame.
Usually, the temperature needs to drop below freezing for a time period of 24 hours to cause any type of freeze damage. There are many variables though as some systems are built well, some are homemade systems, some are old, and some are new.

These steps will help prevent freeze damage!

1) Turn off the sprinkler water supply inside your home, usually next to your water heater.
PLEASE NOTE: It's not the water heater valves located above your water heater or the main valves located near the floor by the water meter. It's usually located in between with a drain cap attached.
(Most sprinkler shut-off valves have a small drain-cap or some type of other drain fixture near the handle)

If the wrong valve is turned off, your hot water, cold water or both, to your sinks will not turn on. If this happens, turn that valve back and try another valve. 

2) Go outside and remove the small metal drain cap where the copper pipe angles upward. 
(Please note: Some systems may not have an exterior drain cap)
3) Turn the two little flathead screws on the small test-cocks on the backflow. 1/4 turn should relieve any pressure.
(Test-cocks are approximately 1" long usually sticking out of the side of the backflow)

4) Remove the lids of the valve boxes. Look for a drain on the end of the manifold to remove or loosen. It may be a screw-in plug, a hose spigot, or a removable end cap.
(Please note: Some systems may not have a manifold drain) 


In most cases, your system should be durable enough to withstand a quick cold snap.​